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A technology and management consultancy for your most critical challenges

We work on projects with purpose, human purpose. We’re using technology to solve some of today’s toughest challenges and to bring about the change we wish to see in the world. That’s why we’re a certified B Corp. 


We deliver end-to-end technology solutions that are intentionally different to help you achieve your strategic goals. We’ll work with you to assess your needs and map a pathway to change your organizational culture and management practices. 


We’re a diverse team of smart, talented, and adaptable changemakers, problem solvers, and innovators. We imagine, design, and build solutions that are intentionally different. 


We’ve worked with Fortune 100, Pre-IPO, and K-12 organizations to provide custom solutions in enterprise software, experience design, program leadership, organizational change, product innovation, and diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies. 

Meet Our Team


Kobie Hatcher

Kobie is an ardent believer in growth mindset, lifelong learning and quality mentorship to give underrepresented communities the opportunity to thrive in the ever-changing tech market.

Head of Operations

Jennifer Rance

Jennifer helps our clients solve problems in the D&I space through strategic advice and streamlined project management. She helps create concepts and designs for new digital projects.

Head of Digital Training Solutions (DTS)

Joey Shevelson

Joey spends his days working cross-functionally with devs, designers, partners, and learners to help shape and build meaningful products. He leads all technology solution efforts and is our go-to Agile leader for both technical and nontechnical audiences.

Head of Engineering

Phoumano Thongsithavong

Puma is our master iOS developer. He takes ideas and turns them into code, bringing app ideas to life. He is passionate about leading teams to deliver the right solutions to our clients.


Christy Kim

Christy is responsible for day-to-day operations and helping clients find the right people and build balanced teams.

Senior Project Director

Lazaro Carrion

Lazaro spearheads our Diversity & Inclusion initiatives through The New Technologists program. Equal parts strategic and tactical, he uses his data-driven and storytelling approach to be both a leader and a doer.

Senior Consultant

Jeff Forde

Jeff is a mobile engineer working on iOS and Android mobile apps. He’s been building software of one sort or another for over 20 years. He strives to make his work fun to use and accessible to all.

Project Manager

Joi Huie

Joi helps our clients achieve their vision through design, research, and strategy for digital experiences across all devices. She manages our projects in the K-12 space and more.

Interface Designer

Ribicca Mamuye

Ribicca is focused on creating meaningful experiences through design. She enjoys both design and front-end development and creates engaging learning activities and compelling content.

Engineer II

Alex Littaua

Alex is an eccentric software developer and coordinator for internal projects based out of Los Angeles. He brings outside ideas and perspectives to how the industry can make beneficial impacts in underrepresented communities in tech.

Engineer II

Katie Stutts

Katie is a software engineer with a background in education who is always striving to create efficient and user-friendly solutions. She works on internal projects as well as client projects, across a variety of technologies including web and mobile development.

Associate Consultant

Isis Hatcher

Isis handles all of our special projects and is not afraid to step outside her comfort zone to learn and contribute.

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