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• The Cost of Showing Your Customers Digital Love • The Cost of Keeping Your Loyal Customers Happy • How to Cater to Your Loyal Customers • Your Loyal Customers Expect Your Digital Love In today’s consumer climate and with the rise of cyborg lifestyles, Apps rule. Frankly, they’re sexy. Having a mobile app is like being with the hottest “Hottie” at the bar: your desirability automatically

When you hear the word “Cyborg,” does an image of self-aware, AI-learning machines starting World War III for our own good come to mind? Don’t let it because the reality of cyborgs is actually much more benign.  In fact, cyborgs have subtly become “the new normal” lifestyle. According to cyborg anthropologists (yes, that’s really a thing!  Check out this Ted Talk by Amber Case), cyborgs

“Alexa, what’s the news?” “Alexa, dim the living room lights.” “Alexa, ask Hoover Robot to start mission.” Cyborgs  have been dreaming about voice activated interactions with their technology since watching Captain Picard and the Star Trek: Next Generation crew access a plethora of information by simply starting off a sentence with “Computer…” Amazon has delivered the hottest customer delight platform of the moment.  Getting your news or