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Do You Speak Cyborg?
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Do You Speak Cyborg?

When you hear the word “Cyborg,” does an image of self-aware, AI-learning machines starting World War III for our own good come to mind?

Don’t let it because the reality of cyborgs is actually much more benign.  In fact, cyborgs have subtly become “the new normal” lifestyle.

According to cyborg anthropologists (yes, that’s really a thing!  Check out this Ted Talk by Amber Case), cyborgs are simply humans enhanced with machine parts or technology. As we all know, these enhancements have permeated how we live and how we interact.  And as a result, our user experiences and expectations have forever been altered.

Don’t believe me?  Take this pop quiz:

  • Do you feel uneasy when you’ve lost your phone, accidentally left it home, or the battery is dead for a few hours?
  • Do you check your phone first thing in the morning or last thing at night before going to bed?
  • Would you remember your appointments if you didn’t have reminders set on your mobile devices?
  • Could you figure out an alternate route to work without using your phone’s GPS map service?
  • Can you dial your best friend’s number from memory?
  • Are you more active now that a device like your Fitbit or Apple watch is monitoring (and judging) you?
  • Do you simultaneously record and experience special moments (like your child blowing out birthday cake candles or seeing your favorite artist perform at a live show) through your phone’s screen?

-John Blanding Boston Globe

If any one or more of those scenarios describes you, (and you know at least one does!), then just say it with me:

“I. Am. A. Cyborg.”

With the speed of technological advances since the mid 20th Century, the rise of the internet in the 1990’s, and the proliferation of smartphones and internet connected mobile devices within the last 10 years, we now live our daily lives through our technology.  It doesn’t need to be surgically attached if you carry your machine parts with you all the time. This is the voluntary and consistent augmentation of yourself.

And its ok!

But just as you are now a cyborg in your everyday life, here’s something else to consider: the customers your business serves are cyborgs too.

How does that translate?

Well, just think of how technology has enhanced and changed your personal consumer behaviors (and expectations) in the last few years:

  • Has online shopping with an in-store pick up become second nature to you?
  • Do you expect your in-store experiences to be as easy as shopping online (from finding what you want, to checking out, to making a return)?
  • Are you pleasantly surprised when you get useful recommendations for your next purchase based on items you’ve previously bought from your favorite stores?
  • Have you gotten used to receiving email notifications from your car when it’s time for your next oil change?
  • Does your pharmacy or Amazon.com remind you when it’s time to refill your frequent purchase?

Similarly, your cyborg customers have higher expectations.  They are starting to expect that their favorite brands know them well. They expect you to remember their purchase history and seasonal preferences.  They appreciate personalized recommendations tailored to their tastes.

As a business serving cyborgs, are you able to meet the demands of ever-evolving consumer behaviors and expectations? Your prospects and customers expect intimate, intuitive, and highly customized interactions with your business at every single touch point.

The cyborg customer’s digital experience must be seamless. Your customer service, marketing, branding, or sales prompts should never come across as exterior noise clambering for their attention; you’re almost guaranteed to be ignored.

Bottom line: if your business isn’t speaking cyborg and consistently delivering on the ever-changing user behavior expectations, then you are moving way too slow.  Your business must assimilate and adjust to the realities of today’s behavior economics or risk annihilation; resistance is futile.

Are you having challenges with selecting or implementing the right technology that will help your company consistently execute pleasurable cyborg experiences?  Then talk to us at Cyborg Mobile. We can help you build the products, services and infrastructure that will keep your business relevant in the future that is now.