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Does Your Company Really Need An App?
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Does Your Company Really Need An App?

• The Cost of Showing Your Customers Digital Love
• The Cost of Keeping Your Loyal Customers Happy
• How to Cater to Your Loyal Customers
• Your Loyal Customers Expect Your Digital Love

In today’s consumer climate and with the rise of cyborg lifestyles, Apps rule.

Frankly, they’re sexy. Having a mobile app is like being with the hottest “Hottie” at the bar: your desirability automatically soars.

But is it always worth the effort?


The most successful apps are:
• engaging.
• intuitive and easy to use.
• consistently serves great content users clamor for.
• contextually aware of the user’s needs.

That doesn’t come easily or inexpensively. But it is precisely why apps are the best way to deliver digital love.

What is digital love, you ask?

Well, I’ll start by telling you what it’s not: purely transactional. Sure, you can let your customers know about a flash sale and see a nice bump in revenue. The reality is that app notifications are currently engagement gold; cyborgs pay attention to and act on their notifications 12 to 14 times more than email, according to Emarsays.com. (Source: https://www.emarsys.com/en/resources/blog/key-takeaways-mau-2017)

But don’t overuse the opportunity on mundane messages such as coupons. Instead, focus on delighting them with useful, unique, relevant and timely information they can use to support their lifestyle. You’ll be (rightfully) seen as helpful, rather than intrusive and will enjoy higher retention and engagement rates.


Based on my 10+ years of experience in mobile development, I believe that apps are best suited for companies who have a strong base of loyal customers who are absolutely in love with the brand (or who are on their way “down the aisle,” so to speak).

When a brand loyal customer is engaged through an app, they are more likely to share personal details about themselves to enhance their experience, such as their location or phone number. With improved knowledge of your customers, you gain more of their trust, and are able to serve them better. That will translate to continuing to earn their future business, and their ambassadorship.

Your most high value customers are expecting you to woo them with digital love. They want to be delighted, expect to be engaged with in meaningful ways and they desire to achieve their personal and professional goals using your products and services in a way that compliments they’re on the go lifestyle via your app.

But apps are a hungry (and fickle) content beast that needs to continually be fed. In order to count on your customer’s continued loyalty, you must be willing to make the appropriate investment of time, development, and (of course) money.


Your company is already invested in the maintenance of your web 3.0 presence. But when considering designing, building, and maintaining an app, you must really plan for two apps: one for both the iOS and Android platforms. Those are separate line items in your budget.

If you want to out front, then plan to design, build and maintain content for the voice activated platforms Amazon Alexa and Google home. Adding two more line items to your digital love budget will have you deeply considering the ROI, but keep in mind your cyborg customers expect their favorite brands to be everywhere they are and on every device they own.

You must be committed to your mobile app as a long-term strategy. Once you have loyal customers tied into an app, you can’t suddenly take it away from them or let the user experience suffer because you don’t have the budget to continually invest in OS maintenance, better features, or more content. That will be a sure-fire way to lose their love.

If you are having trouble figuring out the best mobile strategy to pursue, talk to us at Cyborg Mobile. We are here to help you identify the best solutions for your unique customer set.