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Building a Mobile App to Improve the Efficiency of Alaska Airlines' Operations


Cyborg Mobile created a custom solution to empower Alaska Airlines employees with digital tools to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their planeside operations.  


After defining a broad technical outline with the client (platform, language, and tools), we assembled a team of experts with the skills and experience to get the job done.  


Our team’s primary responsibility was engineering with excellence. We defined the architecture, used modern code patterns and frameworks, and stayed on top of technical debt. We followed test-driven development best practices and maintained full test coverage as we added and updated features. 


We pride ourselves on driving results, so we always look for ways our solutions can improve your efficiency. In this project, that “delivery plus” consulting approach included helping the client reconsider backlog prioritization from a Lean perspective. By mapping potential drivers of business values against technical complexity, we were able to deliver the product’s key feature months ahead of the client’s original estimate. 


At Cyborg Mobile, we love technology that empowers, and we were especially motivated by this opportunity to craft an experience that would be used every day for missioncritical work. By combining engineering excellence with collaborative client process improvement, we delivered real innovation and boosted client confidence at the same time.