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Eliminating Opportunity Gaps through Diversity & Inclusion Online Training


Bellevue School District, a top-rated public PK-12 school district, strives to provide all students with a quality education experience. To begin addressing the success gap in educational outcomes, the District realized it was necessary to invest in further diversity training for its academic staff. Realizing this is the space where Cyborg Mobile has been successful in its one-of-a-kind approach, BSD partnered with us to design and develop collaborative online learning experience that would encompass all staff levels.


Working closely with the Director of Equity and Strategic Engagement, we developed culturally responsive teachings and practices via implementation of a Learning Management System. The Eliminating Opportunity Gaps (EOG) Digital Toolkit provided easy-to-access online resources that enhanced the efficacy of facilitated EOG trainings. Working in sprints and using Design Thinking, we collaborated with stakeholders and established steering committees to understand what topics needed to be included in the modules and identify indicators for success. We rolled the toolkit out to pilot users, then captured pilot feedback through surveying to successfully establish a digital professional development prototype.


We innovated a solution that resulted in a first-of-its-kind equity training application to school district employees whom had previously never participated in this capacity before. After much success with this school district, we were hired by another local school district to roll out a similar toolkit as part of their ongoing goal to provide all students with a quality education experience and to help them achieve success.

We’ve developed a well-defined approach for successful implementation of Diversity & Inclusion online learning. Let’s talk about how we can help your organization.