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Empowering the Future: Cyborg Mobile’s Early Career Accelerator and Its Impact on Big Tech’s Diverse Pipeline


Recognizing the advantages of our strategic change management program, Microsoft M365 Core partnered with us for the ninth consecutive year to address the gaps in their talent acquisition strategy, specifically solving for their diverse pipeline challenges that University Recruiting could not achieve alone. Through The New Technologists(TNT) program, Cyborg Mobile offers a unique approach to attracting underrecognized college students in STEM and has been operating at this Fortune 100 company since 2014. Combining our program management, organizational change and recruiting expertise, we have systems in place to support the year-over-year growth of the program whose value is three-fold. We provide the network, alignment in mission, and ongoing support to both the talent and organization to fill the gaps within their recruiting strategy. The challenge was coming back to an in-person model with a means to drive innovation and foster community—a challenge we were eager to accept after three years of running the program remotely due to COVID-19.


Our recruiting goal this year was to leverage new and existing relationships with our Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) to recruit exceptional talent from historically marginalized communities. Some of our top CBO referrals this year included ColorStack, Reboot Representation, NSBE, and MESA.

As program creators, Cyborg Mobile manages the recruiting and hiring process, builds the curriculum, delivers the professional development skills, and mentors the students over the course of seven weeks. TNT embeds students inside the world of a leading tech giant for seven weeks. Students learn soft skills such as professional communication, conflict resolution in the workplace, and dealing with “impostor syndrome.” They also learn hard, technical skills, such as how to code and create a product for market. Regular touch bases with managers and TAs ensure both program leadership and talent needs are being met.

Through this initiative, M365 instantly has a pipeline of early career talent ready to deliver tangible business value from day one. TNT plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between college education and real-world problem-solving through an accelerated and intensive seven-week

program. Using a learn/apply/learn loop that is the center of our operating model, we’re essentially transforming the way companies can leverage high caliber talent by closing the gap and employing readiness from day one.

This summer, New Techs were inspired to “solve a thing for Microsoft.” There was no shortage of ideas. In one team, an idea was spun and executed upon to address the problem of online deep fake pornography through a solution named Deep Truth. Another team created an online tool called GraspBerry to support diverse learning styles and increase learning retention in EDU and Corporate sectors. We saw robust projects centering around harnessing AI to enhance human experiences, in line with Microsoft’s mission and vision and problems they’re looking to solve today.


The advantages for the organization are felt both ways: mentors and senior engineers benefit as much from the students as the students learn from them. Those who complete the program love the real-world experience they gain. They learn how to be product advocates from professionals who are actually doing the work. The company executives love the fresh ideas and influx of energy.

Our efforts go beyond simply offering a pathway into the tech industry. Creating an environment of psychological safety and a platform for employees of all backgrounds to thrive is a long-term aspiration. With our partnership, Microsoft has found a place time and time again to begin making real progress.


· 42 colleges nation-wide with 22% community college representation

· 82% of this cohort identify as Black, Brown, and/or Indigenous

· 56% Pell Grant students

· 54% first gen college students

· 54% female representation

· 100% completion rate (compared to 95% all-time average)

· 94% of students were invited to interview and continue their journey with the Microsoft University Recruiting pipeline (our highest referral rate to date!)

Our long-term goal has been evident from the outset: to disrupt the system [of big tech] and accelerate the rate and extent at which those historically underrecognized in STEM can undergo transformative changes in not only their socio-economic status but also their overall well-being and life satisfaction. Our work is a long-term investment and after nine years of implementation, we’re realizing that vision.

Cyborg Mobile has a proud history of supporting companies who are committed to DEI initiatives with thoughtful consultation, innovative program development, and easy-to-use tech solutions. CLICK HERE to talk to us about the diverse talent pipeline projects you could use an extra hand with.

Stakeholder Quotes

“In the era of AI, it’s an epic time. And you (TNT) are apart of it, in that shaping of it. In the way that we do things—the established norms—we’re challenging that right on. Through partnering with Cyborg Mobile, we have been able to take the necessary steps needed to solve that problem and develop the talent needed for the future of our organization.” – Vanessa Feliberti, CVP, M365 Core

“The culture fostered by the New Technologist team encouraged us to embrace challenges, learn swiftly from them, and innovate beyond conventional thinking. I deeply value the relationships I’ve cultivated and the experiences I’ve garnered during this period.” – Bryce Saddler