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Strengthening School Climate and Reducing Disproportionality in Discipline


Seattle Public Schools, a large public K-12 school district, aimed to provide staff with appropriate training to create a sense of belonging, safe environments and support to keep all students in school. Cyborg Mobile partnered with the school district through Whole Child, Whole Day to eliminate opportunity gaps for all students and foster a well-rounded educational lifestyle for students.


The goal was to implement a comprehensive case management service model at particular schools, establish site-specific family engagement and community partnerships, and reduce disparities for African American boys and other students of color. We intentionally included educators to pique their awareness of the long-lasting negative impacts of microaggressions and highlighting the important differences between equity and equality so that they could practice this in their daily school settings.


WCWD benefitted everyone in the education system, including students and parents. Success was measured through climate surveys that looked at family engagement surveys. Parents stay engaged in their child’s educational path so students stay motivated, feel supported (at home and at school), and create an environment that permits students to feel safe enough to participate.